The teishoku bento are served in beautiful black lacquered bento boxes, ideal for your desk to boardroom lunches. Please call the restaurant or email with your order by 6pm the day before you require the bento boxes and specify a time between 11.30am and 6pm for collection.

We are unable to offer a delivery service, but we will liaise with your couriers. If you are using a courier company, please let us know their details when we call to take your payment on the day of the collection.We will then collect the empty boxes.

All bento boxes will be served with Japanese pickles, Anzu salad, steamed rice (additional options below) and miso soup.

Tonkatsu Curry Teishoku 15
Mix Katsu Teishoku (Pork, cod, prawn) 16
Vegetable Katsu Teishoku V 14
Madagascan Ebi Furai Teishoku 17
Wagyu Sirloin Teishoku 25

Mixed Vegetable Teriyaki Teishoku V 15
Chicken Teriyaki Teishoku 16
Chicken Karaage Teishoku 15
Additions to Teishoku
Sashimi moriawase 6
Upgrade to Anzu Takikomi rice 3
Upgrade to Anzu kaiseki-don (sashimi on a bed of sushi rice) 9

At Anzu all our chickens are free-range, pork outdoor-reared and fish sustainable. We use ingredients that contain wheat, gluten, milk, sesame and eggs. If you have specific dietary requirements, let us know.